UHC Children

Race and Genetics

Do you look exactly like your brothers and sisters? Unless you're a twin you probably don't, but does that make you unrelated? Well you know that you're related. Just as you can be related to your siblings even if you don't look exactly the same as them, people who don't look alike in their skin color, accents, and looks can still be related genetically.

Mirror Neurons

These little biochemicals work their magic in the frontal lobe of the brain to help us learn new tasks and recognize familiar ones others do. More important, they help us empathize by feeling what others feel, such as experiencing comfort when we see a hug

Same Genes

When you think of all the people you see on TV or in school you might think that genetically they are all very different. It might be surprise then to learn that humans are 99.9% genetically identical. This 0.1% variation results in the difference in appearance that you notice among yourself and your family and other people.